In a nutshell, as sometimes ‘less is more’,

I believe that ‘Success and coaching’ go hand in hand!

I believe, that as your coach, I MUST always fully understand your ‘story’, ‘reality’ and ‘aspirations’ as well as, your ‘why’ behind all the ‘what’s’, ‘where’s’, ‘who’s’ and ‘how’s’.
“Seek first to understand, then to be understood”. –Stephen Covey (5th Habit)
Without this solid foundation, there is no real ability to customize solutions to your challenges and goals.

I believe, ‘A Good Fit’ is such a buzz term and yet, such a crucial one!
In order to achieve extraordinary and consistent success, we(dentists, team members, myself) MUST always be excited to see each other and work together. Positive Energy is contagious and Negative Energy even more so.

I believe, ‘Ask better questions, Get better results’.
I love to challenge dentists and their teams to ask themselves empowering questions like:
“Is ‘good’, good enough?”
“Is change really worth it?”
“Is stepping out of your ‘comfort zone’ worth it?”
“What else could this mean?”
“What’s great about this?”

Finally, I believe, that the ‘quality of your communication determines the quality of your life’.
I hope you noticed my use of the word ‘MUST’. It certainly is intentional.
So many people routinely utilize the word “should” and are upset when the results or commitments aren’t consistently showing up.
Let me ask you a question…
Which statement is more likely to occur?

“I must arrive at 7:45am for morning huddle”
“I should arrive at 7:45am for morning huddle”

Of course, the statement with the word MUST!

Now, I fully realize that there many other principles that are contributing factors to achieving success.

That being said, I believe, that with the help of a coach…
Your dreams can become a Reality!

It has been my honor helping dentists for over 25yrs! I look forward to the next 25!