“Laurie has helped our practice grow as a TEAM. We are more of a united front and strive to reach the same office goals. The coaching process with Laurie has been very helpful, always informative, very motivating. Great pick me up with cheerful and positive attitude. Keep up your great and hard work, it is greatly appreciated.”

– Tanja Simpraga, Dental Assistant

“Laurie Slater packs every ounce of punch that Anthony Robbins does! The sessions, coach calls and in-office seminars have changed our team in ways I never dreamt possible. Not only is the atmosphere, team spirit and patient experience better, it has directly affected our bottom line.

After being coached by Laurie for just over 1 yr, our overall production has increased by 35%!

I would recommend Laurie Slater to anyone who wants to go from ordinary to extraordinary!”

– Dr. J. Rogers DDS

“All consultants we have worked with know the numbers we should be capable of achieving. All consultants we have worked with have similar systems for monitoring the practice performance to produce predictable and consistent outcomes. This experience with Laurie as our coach has been different from other consultants in the way the “coach” helps us to keep the “wheels from falling off” these systems. She keeps us “on track”. Laurie does it in such a way that the staff feels they are part of the process and they become committed to the systems, not threatened by them.”

– Dr. M. Pearson DDS

“Coaching with Laurie has helped the practice be more of a team, coordinated, implemented protocols that actually stick and has helped us follow through. Brought COE’s back and they are the best. Patient love them and so do we. You have made me more confident and passionate in my job, with patients and with my co-workers.”

– Amy Simpson, Dental Assistant

“What I enjoy about Laurie is the support, kindness, energy, time, commitment and effectiveness. Laurie you are a wonderful coach and you have made me a better team player and assistant! Thanks for everything!”

– Karen Taksa, Dental Assistant

“What I enjoy about Laurie is the organization and motivation skills that I have learnt and implemented. I feel much more knowledgeable in my daily role and more confident about myself. You are a fabulous coach!”

– Katy Krofchick, Schedule Coord

“I would like to share with you my overall experience Laurie’s coaching. It has been exceptional. I have been with many management courses and consultants throughout my career and this experience has totally changed my practice. The main difference in this experience is the coaching.

Laurie, you are an exceptional human being and I am very fortunate that you have crossed my life. I have never met a coach like you before. Your ability to support me and my team is very powerful. You are the first person that has been accepted and respected by my entire team.

You are the model of happiness, pride, joy and enthusiasm.
Your knowledge of the dental field and the human psychology has also been very useful to help our practice grow.

– Dr. S. Boies, DDS

“Laurie has reminded me and the team of the subtle important things that make all the wheels turn at once. You have supported the team through good times and bad…thankfully, there have been many more good times. You have taught us to stay focused and goal oriented!”

– Leslie Nuttal- Tx Coord

“It has been a sincere and honest pleasure to have had the opportunity to be part of a team coached by Laurie. As a team, we set personal, professional and financial goals and I must tell you how proud I am of myself and the team because after 2 yrs we have been able to meet most of them! (at the time they seemed so far away). Of course, I must mention that you had a lot to do with it. You have been patient, never pressure me but motivate me. You’ve taught me to monitor myself and IT HELPS! I can honestly say that I have grown as a person in all aspects especially the way I analyze challenges which are now “opportunities to make things better”. Thank you so very much for being YOU our COACH.”

– Celest Medina- Financial Coord

“You bring me out of my comfort zones and make me enthusiastic about dentistry! Thank you so much for being our coach!”

– Sharleen Maresky- RDH

“We are all very grateful for the input you’ve had to the success of our office. Not only have you transformed our office financially…increase in production of over 25% , you have also helped change attitudes of our team in a positive direction.

You are energetic and full of great ideas.We look forward to the future and to maintaining this great relationship.”

– Dr’s. L. Podolsky and H. Rosen DDS

“Laurie, you always bring our team to a new high with each visit. You present yourself with such professionalism, clinical knowledge, positivity and always with a great smile and opening story! Our 3 hour workshops seem to fly by and I personally always feel revitalized and ready to face tomorrow. Thank you!”

– Ginette Diamond, RDH

“Laurie has created a more cohesive team approach with a more positive attitude overall. We now always look for solutions as opposed to why we can’t change. We no longer dwell on problems and are actually reaching the goals that we set while having fun!”

– Nikki Brown, RDH

“Laurie has change the way I practice dental hygiene, the way I connect with patients and co-workers. You have helped me attain goals I never thought possible. Your positive approach to every issue makes dealing with it so much easier. Your beliefs that “the past doesn’t equal the future” has been huge in my personal and professional life. Your “open door” policy is greatly appreciated!”

– Shelley Jones, RDH

“Laurie’s coaching has helped me to be “solution driven” and helped me support other team members and myself to follow through. You have truly helped us all come together as a real team! Thank you so much, what a difference from other practices I have worked in!”

– Raj Thandi, RD

“I feel very fortunate have been introduced to Laurie Slater. I feel that I have much better organization skills, gained speed and production and am using my full scope of practice. Laurie is an amazing and enthusiastic coach that has built our team stronger.”

– Sara Proux, RDH

“Laurie has really brought organization and efficiency to our team including a positive and happy environment.”

– Stacey Trottier, Dental Assistant

“Our monthly session with Laurie are packed with useful information and provide us with different tools needed to succeed. They stimulate our brains and forces us to think. They are very interactive and never monotonous. Your uplifting spirit brings positive energy to the room. You are truly a charismatic leader. I am looking forward to the next sessions. Thank you for being the person that you are.”

– Lucie Chatelien, Dental Assistant

“The experience of being coached by Laurie has not only changed who I am as a person in the work place, but in my life entirely. The positivity it has brought is just amazing. Thank-you for being the best you can be ALL the time. You teach me to be a better person on a daily basis. THANKYOU SO VERY MUCH LAURIE!”

– Tanya Vinkovich, Dental Assistant

“Laurie has provided me with opportunities for both professional and personal growth. Our dental team has been involved in seminars about systems, goal setting exercises, communications and wealth management. Financially, we have seen a substantial increase in production that has provided bonuses that we all share. Our coach Laurie has been there with us every step of the way. We have weekly team meetings and a monthly coaching meeting . Laurie also makes herself available to all team members whenever needed. Laurie has given us tools to incorporate ” extraordinary practice, extraordinary life” into our professional and personal lives. We have learned we CAN make a difference.”

– Pam Bunnet, RDH

“What has being coached by Laurie meant to me? Wow!! Quite a question! Laurie has helped so much. She has given me by far more vision for the career that I have chosen. After many jobs and many employers over my 27½ years as a Dental Hygienist, the impact Laurie has had on my life has been incredible. The principles, the systems, the quotes, and on and on and on have changed the way I think, the way I work, and the way I relate with those around me. Thank you for all your input and impact on my life.”

– BJ Champion, RDH

“I would like to Thank Laurie for her fabulous coaching. She has brought me to an entire new level of thinking in dentistry.
– Her ideas and suggestions really do work.
– Our team has come along way together. Laurie is full of energy and takes great pride in her profession.
– I would recommend Laurie Slater to anyone. “

– Kara Abbott, Practice Coordinator

“My experience and the hands on guidance by Laurie have allowed my goals and my thinking to make a complete shift. I thank Laurie for making me believe that “good” isn’t enough, and I truly wish to strive for “extraordinary”. Laurie’s ability to motivate and inspire have been totally effective and infectious.

She has helped increase our production by over 45% in less than 2 yrs!

We as a team are honored to have her as a coach and a mentor.”

– Dr. F. Husain DDS

“With Laurie’s leadership we have become more purposeful and organized, putting reliable systems in place to help us run our practice. She has enabled us to really develop as a team creating and sharing our goals and reminding us of who we need to be each day. Most importantly, Laurie has helped us to commit to our patients and ourselves by encouraging us to focus on our Vision. Our experience with her is showing us that we WILL continue to be more successful than we already were.”

– Dr. T. Fadden DDS

“Laurie Slater’s energy is contagious. Her recommendations for positive change were excellent and easy to implement. The coaching she provided has really helped our administrative team to work in a more supportive, organized and efficient manner and to deliver a higher level of customer service to our patients. I would highly recommend Laurie Slater to anyone seeking to take their success to a higher level.”

– Lisa Preza, Dentistry on Sinclair

“They say “Change is the only Constant in the Universe”. That said, my practice was in need of changes in order to keep up with today’s tougher economy. For the past few years, we noticed that our practice was stagnant and not growing. We tried a variety of different ideas but nothing really made an impact. It was then that I sought out help from a dental consultant. Laurie Slater. Without a doubt, Laurie has made some radical changes to our office with positive results. She has guided our staff towards achieving all we can and more. She has a passion for teamwork and it shows. We look forward to working more with Laurie and seeing what new heights our practice can soar to.”

– Dr. David Ho DDS

“The difference between a dream and a goal is having a timeline with accountability and consequences. We have a “good” practice. However, I always felt it could be better. I would research business websites and try to new ideas but didn’t have the knowledge or confidence to truly incorporate these ideas so they would be accepted and permanently integrate into our office environment. Laurie has given us the tools and practical applications to make these dreams become reality. She has been able to bring to our attention fears and limiting beliefs and help change them into empowering beliefs. “We can do it!!” Laurie is exceptionally disciplined, devoted and committed to us and our team. She sincerely wants to help us turn our good practice into a great practice. When she is with us, I think we are her only clients. Laurie communicates clearly and effectively. She is a great example of excellence conquering mediocrity. A true coach inspires you pull your bootstraps up and keep going to be better, not to quit but to be solution driven. She is always promoting cooperation and inspiring our staff to be a true team. I know we still have a lot to accomplish and change is sometimes uncomfortable, but with Laurie as our coach, I know we will achieve success… whatever it takes! Thanks Laurie for taking us on!!”

– Thea Ho, office administrator, wife & helper of the Big Boss

“Laurie has been working as our office coach for several years now. Since then, her philosophy of excellence and achieving beyond has clearly had a positive impact on our practice. Our team is now much more effective and a cohesive unit both professionally and personally. Practice morale is at an all time high and as a result of her systematic approach of operation, our practice production has increased dramatically.
– Her coach calls are especially insightful and allow us to deal with issues immediately and effectively.
– We at Downtown Dental are excited to keep working with Laurie for many more years ahead!”

– Dr. P. Custoreri and Dr. B. Feeley